Breaking Down Different Vaporizers

Over the last decade, we’ve seen a shift in the availability of vaping technology. We started with the e-cigarette, which was a device that was even shaped like a cigarette, with cartridges you couldn’t replace. Fast forward ten years later, we see people  vaping on something that looks almost as complicated as a space ship. The truth is, they are pretty simple and can be broken into three categories and further into two types.


First we have Cartomizers. Cartomizers, like the other options, hold e-liquid, contain atomizer coils, and screw into a battery. However, the Cartomizers have a cotton like filament that is filled with e-liquid and use that filament to feed the coils that are heated by the battery. These are easily identified once you remove the top cap of any vape and notice the cotton like filament that holds the e-liquid. Next, we have the Clearomizer. This vaping option offers a wick instead of a filament and uses small plastic reservoirs, that can be sometimes be replaced. Finally Glassomizers are similar to Clearomizers, but they have a glass reservoir, versus plastic.


See that’s not so bad! Let’s dig a little deeper. So….what’s the difference between a APV and a MOD? Are they the same? Advanced Personal Vaporizers and Mods are not the same. The terms are used often interchangeably but Advanced Personal vaporizers use electronic components like wires and circuits to send a signal to the battery, to heat up the coil. Mods, or “Mechanical Mods” as they are sometimes called, make the physical connection between coil and battery to heat up the coil. While these differences are subtle, everyone has their preference. Vaporizers can have variable coils, batteries, e0liquids, and more to offer options to the consumer. Don’t get overwhelmed! Simply recognize that like anything else, people are different and like different options.


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