Is Vaping Safe?

Just like any other controversial topic, it can be hard to navigate the information floating around the Internet. Is vaping safe? Will the vape explode in my face like I heard from a friend? These questions and many more come up in conversations daily with our customers.

First, we ask people to try and stay away from assumptions. Vaping is new, and the research is too, but there is plenty of information that already suggests it is a better alternative for those that smoke cigarettes. Since vaping creates a vapor, it does not burn chemicals like cigarettes. Also, vaping equipment and “mods” are completely safe, when used properly. In instances where the units malfunctioned, user error was typically the cause. When purchasing equipment related to vaping, it’s important to buy from a local vaping retailer that can answer all your questions and demonstrate set up and cleaning for you. They can also help to ensure you have the proper set up for your needs.

Next, we encourage people to do their own research. Accusations of “popcorn lung” are not factual or based on evidence and no evidence suggests that anyone has died from vaping. We would be happy to explain what we have discovered in our years of experience and countless hours of research, but we encourage our customers to be informed. Only you can determine for yourself what vaping offers, for you. Mods, batteries, coils and e-liquid all affect the experience of vaping and can seem overwhelming at first, but with a little education anyone can better understand this misunderstood product.

If you have more questions about vaping, mods and safety, our staff at Alaskan Sweet Vapes will be happy to help on 224 N Yenlo St. in downtown Wasilla.