80% Cheaper than cigarettes?

Over the last several months, we at Alaskan Sweet Vapes have worked to help educate the public on the true danger of smoking cigarettes.  Don’t get us wrong, vaping is not perfect. It still has risks that are involved and it does still contain nicotine, the addictive substance in cigarettes. However, as we have discussed in past, cigarettes have a burning action that contains 90% of the toxins that vaporizers do not. Also, devices and mods are making vaping more affordable and safe every-day. This is where cost comes into play.

According to ecigarettereview.com, “The Awl has made compiling the cost of smoking in different US states something of an annual tradition, and in their post for 2015, they calculated an average cost for a pack of Marlboro Red across the US as $7.26, ranging from $4.98 in Virginia right up to $13.50 in New York. For a pack-a-day smoker, this puts the average cost (to the nearest dollar) at about $2,650. Depending on which state you’re in, it can range from $1,818 to $4,928.”

When estimating the cost of vaping, we have to include the juice, devices, and replacement parts. Thanks to previous surveys done by Mclaren in the Big Study 2014, we are able to identify the common usage of 2-5 ml of juice per day. Even those that had recently quit smoking started around 2ml a day. E-liquid can vary in price from $7-$18 on average for a 30ml bottle of juice. Even if you consumed 5ml a day, it would cost $400 a year for cheaper liquid and around $1,000 if you wanted “premium” e-liquid. This helps us with one piece, but what about equipment?

When it comes to vaporizers, the possibilities are endless. Brand, coil type, battery size, the list goes on and on. However, even at the high end, you might pay $130 for a great device.  We recommend the higher quality devices to increase safety and quality. This ensures that you will still save money, but have a strong, lasting product. Even with a more expensive vaporizer, you could be saving $2,000-$4,000 a year, according to (Lindsey,2016). That means even on the high end, with a great device and constant vaping you could still save over 50%. With a lower quality device and less vaping, you can save 80% by switching to vaping! If you’re interested in learning more or saving tons of cash today, stop by our store on 224 N. Yenlo St. and we would be happy to help you make the switch! Quit smoking cigarettes today with Alaskan Sweet Vapes!


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