Freedom Of Choice – It’s What We Offer

Each year, new laws are released to help ensure the safety of the public. Certain products are deemed “unhealthy” or “dangerous” by the FDA to help us make the best decisions we can about what we put in our bodies. But, at which point do we stop listening to others and listen to our own voice? How long do we stand by and let others decide what is best, for us?
At Alaskan Sweet Vapes, we strive to help educate our consumers on the benefits and dangers of vaping. Just like any other product, gaining an understanding of how things work is essential. We started our shop years ago to help people quit smoking and to have an option if the other’s aren’t working. Don’t get me wrong, patches, gum, counseling, group sessions, etc, are all great, but not for everyone. Each person is unique in their approach, execution, and level of readiness. This isn’t good or bad, just the way things are!
At Alaskan Sweet Vapes, we’re here to offer you the freedom of choice. If you like to smoke, but want to quit cigarettes due to the dangers of chemicals, vaping may be an option for you. If it is, we’re here to help you get away from cigarettes. If other things are working for you, awesome, we wish you the best in YOUR journey! We respect that not everyone is the same, and we embrace that at Alaskan Sweet Vapes! Stop by our location today if you would like to learn more! 224 N Yenlo St. Wasilla