Freedom of Choice Part 2

Vaping….it gets a lot of attention in the media and from the government, that’s for sure. The taxes have been raised on vaping in Alaska and the Mat-Su Borough so high it seems that they think we’re selling cannabis. Doesn’t seem like they are too keen on us being able to make our own choice. That’s what our Freedom of Choice campaign is all about. You may have seen our stickers, our posters, or our ad on the front of this paper.

At Alaskan Sweet Vapes, we don’t believe in telling anyone what they should or shouldn’t do. It’s your right to make your own choice, in this beautiful, free country. As lawmakers fight to even meet in the same place, we’re here each day helping Alaskans quit smoking cigarettes, a proven toxin. So while you may hear rumours about vaping, it’s actually pretty easy to see the benefits of switching quickly, if you have an open mind. Should you be one of those people, our door is open 7 days a week to talk on 224 N. Yenlo St. Wasilla.

We hope you will continue to exercise your rights in this amazing country of ours and God Bless America. Freedom of Choice, it’s what we’re about!